Events Reimagined!

When Donna Tiemeyer first saw the former Farragut Public School, she could have seen a run-down building that nobody wanted. Instead, she looked at the blue prints and saw a beautiful venue in the making. She imagined a drastically-transformed space that would be perfect for social events and weddings that would rival the best. And that’s what she got!

Immediately upon seeing the space, Donna imagined what she wanted to do with it and then set out to find a team who could accomplish her dreams. They put up walls, changed out ceilings, opened up rooms, and moved bathrooms. Bringing together their creative talents, work ethics, and sense of adventure, they built an environment that truly had the “WOW!” factor.

Now, The Waterfalls Wedding Venue is an upscale event space that includes a waterfall, balcony space, and more! Combined with a curved stairway—that’s perfect for grand entrances—the space offers incredible appeal for any bride and groom or event coordinator.

Beyond the wedding venue, the facility is also home to affordable, upscale apartments and will be opening another affordable event space soon—the goal being to impact the Farragut, IA community in a big way.

Call (712) 370-2004 to schedule your event, or to learn more about how we can make your event unforgettable.